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With over 5 years in Vijayawada, i-digital has proven to be the best to deliver digital marketing course. Qualified trainers with realtime. Our advanced digital marketing training helps students become masters through practical training. We are one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Vijayawada rated by more than 100 of our past students with a 4.8/5 rating.

Here is how digital marketing course will fetch you a promising career

Today, people are accessing information from their mobile devices. They do a lot of research online before making any decision. They shop anything by using mobile applications. Be it a mobile phone, bus tickets, hotel bookings, order food, buy groceries etc., Anything is just handy for them. But all these businesses use one single platform to attract people, that is Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is the process of making marketing interacting. Advertisers showcase their ads on multiple platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Mobile Apps and many more. You can also do the same. Become a skilled digital marketer by joining the digital marketing course and fetch a promising career.

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Why Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?

24+ Advanced Digital Marketing COURSE Modules

Digital Marketing Course Modules

11+ Certifications

Companies are in hunt of skilled digital marketing professionals who can handle their digital marketing activities. A certified digital marketer gets numerous opportunities. Highlight your industry valued certifications in resumes. Learn digital marketing course and get 11+ certifications.

Digital Marketing Certifications




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10:00 – 11:30 AM


11:30 AM – 1:00 PM


2:30 PM – 4:00 PM


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10:30 AM – 12:30 PM



A Brief Introduction To Advanced Certified Digital Marketing Course And Job Opportunities


Learn how to plan and design your own website without coding i.e, based on CMS (WordPress)


Make the visibility of a website top on the search engine results page(SERP) through unpaid reach.


Boost businesses on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.,


Google Ads (SEM), to create paid ads that showcase company’s listing on the top in search result pages.


Get detailed statistics about a website’s traffic, traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.


Any business promotions reach directly into existing or new customer email inboxes.


Learn the simple techniques to earn money from home through adsense. Be your own boss.


Learn how to create a blog and earn money through blogging. Attract more visitors to your content.


In search network, you will learn how to earn a better return on investment (ROI) using Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads. You will also learn how to budget campaigns and targeting methods.


Learn display network marketing that allows ads to be created using text, image, video and interactive ads. By placing ads on Google website partner networks. Google display ads


Online Reputation Management means taking control of the online conversation. Its techniques and strategies ensure that people find the right materials when they look for you on the Internet.


Learn how the most famous affiliate marketers earn money through online. Become a re seller and get commission from what got sold through your referral link. Be your own boss and earn your own income through Digital Marketing course.


Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a process of increasing the awareness of the product or brand by using social media communities. SMO is similar to SEO. The main objective of SMO is to generate viral publicity and drive traffic to the website.


Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest is you company’s product or service. Some examples of lead generators are job applications, coupons, and online content.


Learn how to show ads to people who have visited a website or app and leave without making any purchase. Remarketing helps you to reconnect with the same user by showing ads to who visits similar websites like yours by learning digital marketing course


We offer digital marketing promotions like Search engine optimization(SEO), Social media promotions(SMM), Pay Per Click(PPC) advertisement, Social media optimization(SMO), Online reputation management, lead generation and so on.


Learn how to increase traffic to your blog, content creation for posts on your blog, content strategy. Learn how to apply for AdSense and do digital marketing for more visitor count to your blog from search engines and other referral visits.


E-commerce marketing is the process of driving sales by raising awareness about an online store’s brand and product offerings. Learn paid and unpaid marketing techniques.


Learn how to create unique and relevant content for your website or blog and reach targeted customers. Increase traffic to your website or blog by improving your content writing skills.


In this digital age, apps are gaining fast importance. Apps are now an integral part of our daily micro-moments, so placing ads on mobile applications also helps to reach the target audience quickly.


Effective use of Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy helps marketers do this in the most efficient manner. It helps them generate more number of leads and hence it is considered as one of the most effective internet marketing strategies.


Landing page optimization (LPO) is the process of improving elements on a website to increase conversions. Landing page optimization is a subset of conversion rate optimization and involves using methods such as A/B Testing.


Inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people into your business and brand through content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media -mainly to create brand awareness and attract new business.


Learn how your ads reach millions of views using YouTube ads. Also, learn true view in-stream ads and in-stream ads, youtube channel creation, uploading videos and youtube seo


Google webmaster tool is a free toolset provided by Google that helps you first understand what’s going on with your website. This way you make decisions based on data instead of going in blindly.


Students Placed

our students have rated us

zeba doll
zeba doll
07:58 11 Mar 20
Best institute in vijayawada for digital marketing. Trainers are very helpful. Training is given through real time projects.Lots of knowledge and experience can be gained
dariya shaik
dariya shaik
11:00 11 Feb 20
i-digital provides practical experience and good guidance for my future regarding Digital marketing .and also they had referred me to other companies for a job. and I got placed. I am very happy about that. thanks to i-digital
Arun Peruri
Arun Peruri
08:04 02 Feb 20
It's an excellent platform to learn skills in digital marketing. i-digital is an academy that teaches all the concepts from scratch. faculty members and the environment is good and supports students in every step. I would like to thank Rk Sir and Sree Sir for they huge guidance and support. Thanks to i-digital .
Vijay Pavan Kumar Namburu
Vijay Pavan Kumar Namburu
04:38 02 Feb 20
As my personal experience i can say digital marketing is best opportunity to devlop either to earn money or gain knowledge.now a days no one is spending time to read books are news paper. Every person is spending more time in online so to reach your brand or name social media is correct one so digital marketing is plays an important role in daily life.Why i suggest I-digital🤔🤔🤔?Here, the are not using any bookish knowledge ,they will teach us in real time experience.it will create... new doubts then the will help us to sort-out then our doubts will be clear and we will come out with full fldge of knowledge.Thank you Shree sirread more
Rohith Ch
Rohith Ch
03:06 30 Jan 20
Very good faculty. The course was very useful for my business. I learnt lot of things which will help me in future. .. Thanks to RK Sir and Sree Sir
kalyan pavan
kalyan pavan
05:20 28 Jan 20
I digital is the best institute in vijayawada, people who want to settle as a digital marketer I digital is one to fulfill your knowledge in digital marketing. Beyond that trainer's motivates us, and with out hesitation they teach us the subject again again if we have a doubt
Nikhil Jupudi
Nikhil Jupudi
03:19 28 Jan 20
There are so many Digital Marketing Training institutes in Vijayawada. But I Prefer I-digital is the best institute to learn about Digital Marketing. I think no other institute will provide this kind of teaching. Sree thirumala sir and RK sir are the only best trainers of I-digital. Sree thirumala sir makes you work with all time real projects and RK sir trains you to learn Digital Marketing. I-digital provides you the best internship programs. Overall experience with I-digital was very good.
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar
06:36 23 Jan 20
Idigital institute is the best institute that provides and gives the transparent & genuine training in all digital marketing courses and sevices and placements. The only institute in vijayawada where you can gain practical knowledge in digital marketing. This institute management and professors are very concerned and cautious about students providing the best genuine knowledge. The trainers of idigital Sree Thirumala and Ramakrishna.Rk sirs will make students to gain practical knowledge and... internship real time projects. I got placed in the best company. Thank you idigital.read more
Chitra Lalwani
Chitra Lalwani
09:39 19 Dec 19
Hello frds...... I would like to share my experience learning digital marketing with I - digital . In the very first when I was searching for digital marketing institute I was confused which one to chose but when I stepped into I - digital and attended my demo class I was so happy that I have come to the right place. I will really say the training given here by the trainers is very informative and they share real time experiences with us. They are flexible with timings and also they... encourage us in our creativity and help us with internships. But I will say one has to attend the classes regularly and complete the day to day assignment to understand the topics taught by trainers. I am very proud to be a student of I - digital.read more
Kalpana Pasupuleti
Kalpana Pasupuleti
05:20 10 Dec 19
I digital is the best option for the people who want to settle in digital marketing field. The trainers are giving good training to the students.. They explained the concepts with real time projects, which will be more usefull for the students to gain practical knowledge. A part from providing training to the students they are also encouraging students to do internships to gain real time experience.
Kavitha movies Rajendran
Kavitha movies Rajendran
02:37 09 Dec 19
I- digital deliver what is promised. The digital marketing course offered here is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to do their own digital marketing or do digi Marketing for other enterpreneurs, for students who wish to create a career in digi Marketing, for housewives who want to earn extra income by doing freelancing in digi Marketing. The faculties RK sir gives you confidence that you can learn it, and teaches you with patience. He helps us learn the subject from roots. It stays with us... life long. Sree sir along with subjects shows realtime projects, so we can understand what is happening in the market and serve our clients in a better way. Gives you practical advices on how to develop your skills and use it for the customers advant The Faculty is awesome. The environment and equipments are also in good condition . Overall a friendly atmosphere to learn and professional learning. The time spent here makes you a better skilled person. You will never regret becoming a part of the institution.read more
16:04 22 Oct 19
Best training institute for Digital Marketing in and around Vijayawada. Trainers are Excellent with their real time experiences. Gained good knowledge from here. Good to be here. wanna boost up your career with Digital Marketing "I-Digital" is the right place for you..
cva sammangi
cva sammangi
14:07 22 Oct 19
Thnkz to i digital for making me to learn both descipline nd digital marketing at a time.. And i thank @ramakrishna sir for teaching from the basics to evrythng in dig marketing relating everythng to our nature so that we canot forget those concepts.. Nd i heartfully thank @sri tirumala sir for making me to learn life lessons along with dig marketing..In a single sentence ..before joining i digital ..i am not even an beginner in dig marketing.. But i can proudly say that i am earning... good amount of salry as a dig marketing expert.. Thnq i digital.. Thnq whole teamread more
Raviteja Chittibomma
Raviteja Chittibomma
06:34 21 Oct 19
Those who want to start there career in Digital Marketing I-DIGITAL is the best place in Vijayawada with excellent Faculty having friendly atmosphere and will have proper career guidence. Thank You RK Sir and SREE Sir I learned so many things from You.
Navya sree N
Navya sree N
11:33 17 Oct 19
Best institute in Vijayawada to learn digital marketing. Excellent and very interactive trainers. Conceptual learning and very well tailerd curriculum. Boosted my confidence levels.
suji tha
suji tha
16:10 30 Aug 19
I-Digital, the best training institute for digital marketing. The faculty have a good mandate on the subject. i like the way of they teaching us. Sree sir, Rama Krishna sir is very interactive with students. They offer real-time projects also. I learned so much from this institute. Finally I am very happy to be one of the i-digital student. Thank you very much for your valuable guidance sir! Not but not least, there is only one option in Vijayawada for Digital marketing learners, that is... i-digital...read more
Ananya Mehta
Ananya Mehta
15:53 22 Jul 19
If you want to learn digital marketing, then you don't have to think twice. I-Digital is indeed the best training centre for Digital marketing in Vijayawada. The instructors will not only take the responsibility of teaching you but also make the concept clearer and stronger by involving you in real time projects. The instructors, are always available for you to clear your doubts and will with happiness guide you. I will highly recommend I-digital to everyone who wants to direct their career... towards the digital sector!read more
satya ayyagari
satya ayyagari
08:07 19 Jul 19
i-Digital is One Of The Best Digital Marketing institute In Vijayawada. experienced trainers and very interactive.They teach us with friendly nature. They also motivate the students. I learned a lot from them and I'm happy with that.
satish live09
satish live09
07:14 19 Jul 19
Good to be here! Attended classes for digital marketing and blogging which really helps me to achieve my goals in taking brand to promote in a strategically.
Yashwanth Bade
Yashwanth Bade
05:10 19 Jul 19
Very good place to learn digital marketing in vijayawada. The training will be very interesting and trainers are more interactive they will teach with the real time examples and scenarios to learn the subject in a easy way.
Lavanya Gollapudi
Lavanya Gollapudi
16:32 16 Jul 19
Best place for digital marketing coaching in Vijayawada.Well-experienced trainers and very interactive. Provide internship on live projects. Right choice for enhancing their career in digital marketing. They guided me when I think to start a new website.
tulasi krishnamraju
tulasi krishnamraju
12:26 15 Jul 19
It was a good experince, Rama krishna garu was so helpful, even if the course is so intense, thanks to frendly atmosphere
Chaitu Jonnadula
Chaitu Jonnadula
08:46 15 Jul 19
I feel that I-digital is the best training institution for digital marketing in vijayawada. The trainers are very well experienced in subject. They teach us with friendly nature. They also motivate the students. I learned a lot from them and I'm happy with that.
bhargavi venkat
bhargavi venkat
06:12 16 Jun 19
I've got placed at Media3. As i wanted to become a blogger so i choose digital marketing. The faculty are very motivated towards good career. Great learning experience with more practical examples. I must appreciate faculty fore crafting me as a professional in Digital marketing. Special thanks to sree sir who has given major support. This institite creates a lot of passion for Digital marketing and confidence towards future.I suggest everyone to join and build a structured career.
Saibaba K
Saibaba K
17:48 15 Jun 19
Learnt a lot in just about 2 months of time. Special thanks to Ramakrishna Sir for his healthy interaction with the students and I appreciate his patience while answering the queries. Wanna make your time as productive as possible? Go for DM Training @ i-Digital!
kolukula siva
kolukula siva
13:27 27 May 19
After a week of research in internet about digital marketing course .....then i started searching for the institution which offer this course in vijayawada....i gone through all the websites which offer digital marketing .....all websites are normal but "I-digital" website is different from others .....they mentioned all the course modules and what they are going to teach us throughout training period ..... i sudmitted mydetails and attended demo.....later i joined the course with flexible... timings.....The way RK sir and SREE sir taught the classes is excellent ....they have good command over the subject and they taught us with realtime projects which was very helpfull to know how things happen outside ....iam very thankful to me for choosing this institution and thankful to the institution for helping me out with my career..😍😍😍....Best institute for digital marketing ......attend the free demo if you are interested...read more
arfhath mohammad
arfhath mohammad
03:57 25 Apr 19
i-digital is the best training institute for digital marketing. The trainees are well experienced in digital marketing they teach us from basics and through out the course they gave best to students.They not only teach about subject but also motivate students how to be in society. In course duration there is more practical session. I learned a lot from this institute and i'm happy to be one of i-digital student.
shahid syed
shahid syed
13:44 24 Apr 19
As I joined zero knowledge of digital marketing and I got well support from trainers and know I got my confidence level into this field. Thank you for the support.
15:42 15 Mar 19
Great Applause to i-digital team!! A review from handwriting expert. I came from ongole and I Am so happy to be part of i-digital student before i join here have small doubt about my digital career but after attending the demo i took a decision to join here.Now Am very happy with my trainers as well as am implementing all my ideas with these young talented people.. So i am recommending to others who is interested to learn digital marketing at vijayawada.
Gayathri Vissamsetti
Gayathri Vissamsetti
04:08 13 Nov 18
I trust i-digital a lot because, I was in a dilemma of choosing my career they helped me finding best path. I personally recommend i-digital because they provide the excellent stuff of digital marketing to reach heights. Here, trainers are well experienced and clearly assembles all the modules in Digital marketing and also provide live practice sessions to know more. Now, I am confident in Digital marketing as well as life its all because of you i-digital.Thanks a lot for you valuable guidance... and support.read more
03:15 12 Nov 18
Hello everyone, I would like to personally promote i-digital because of two things,  The trainers, what can I say about them. They are very experienced and very interactive. Every topic they deal with, they teach us with real-time case studies. The trainers Sree and Rk Sirs have good command over the subject.  They are very passionate digital marketing trainers.  Not just the subject but also they give career oriented training. They help us in our resume building and also circulate... our resumes to the companies.  I personally feel they deliver what they promise. I recommend, if you are planning to learn digital marketing, just choose i-digital.read more
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