Digital Marketing Training & Agency

i-digital is the first premium institute to introduce digital marketing courses and services in Vijayawada.

Our Team

We are a team of experienced digital marketing professionals with 8 years of real time industry experience in online promotions through AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email marketing and Search Engine Optimization. We are pioneers in starting digital marketing institute in Vijayawada.

We believe our experience will help you understand, learn the required tools and become a certified professional in digital marketing. We provide three different models in training.

About i-digital

i-digital is a full-service digital media agency which provides  Training and Services for students and companies. i-digital is a pioneer in introducing digital marketing institute and services in Vijayawada.

We at i-digital believe not just teaching is enough for our students to become professionals, more importantly, understanding student’s capability to grasp the topics covered in the class. i-digital provides practical or real-time projects which, help them understand better.

The online marketing tools useful for promotions are completely new for most of the students. But trust us it’s not either Greek or Latin. We make sure the foundation to be strong so that, the complete digital marketing program become more interesting and fun to learn.

Our trainers have more than 8 years’ industry experience and they are also digital marketing certified professionals. On job, they helped many companies reach their marketing goals. Now they have started digital marketing institute in Vijayawada to helps students and professionals reach their career goals.

Our Skills

Google AdWords 86%
Google Analytics 83%
Social Media Marketing 91%
Search Engine Optimization 95%
Email Marketing 79%
Web Design 84%

Why in Vijayawada?

The next big development is said to take place in Vijayawada due to the separation of states. Many companies are looking forward to invest in Bezawada. Job and business opportunities are going to shoot up. Digital marketing as we see is the call of the day. Thus learning the skills help you unlock better opportunities at ease.

Come let’s work it down together, we will help you become certified digital marketing professional.