Boost Your Facebook Page Reach – Without Facebook Ads

Facebook has continuously used an associate algorithmic rule to work out which posts seem in every single user’s newsfeed.

Nowadays users are not having much time and patience to waste their time on worthless content. If you don’t have interesting as well as useful content the users are not going to pay attention to your page. Moreover, everyone knows that for Google or for any other brands, users are the foremost important. So they don’t think twice to put you down from the first place when the user is not satisfied with your page.

Posting Facebook ads is just not enough to increase Facebook page reach.  Ads are not the one-stop solution, also there is a lot more through which one can improve the Facebook page reach.

Here are a few ways through which you can boost your Facebook reach without promoting ads:

Analyze your topmost 10

Once you have done posting, go through your Facebook page insights and check the ranking of your content by likes, comments and shares. Therefore, this is the quickest way to notice what’s resonating with Facebook users.

Look up at the patterns. Are they mostly containing pictures or videos or both? If so, check out for common subject. Also, you will get to learn more through comments in those updates. By following this you will get an overall idea about how to increase your reach.

Post amazing content – must have wow factor!

Firstly, you need to get clear about which type of content you are supposed to show on your page. Once you are cleared with it, you will do a lot more on the page content.

For this you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it useful to share with my friends?
  • What’s the new trend which makes people talking?
  • How are we useful or even essential to our community?

After all, we call content as the king of Facebook. So one needs to take full responsibility for theirs!

Elevate targeting

How can we optimize targeting? Firstly, it should be based on our type of content, we are supposed to target through the right people (in the sense gender), relationship status, educational status. Similarly location, age, language, Interests.

To reach your target organically, you must select “Allow Targeting and Privacy Options When you created Posts On your page.” Within the page settings. Obviously, connecting the right people at the right time, right place with the right content is very important.

Best time to Post on Facebook

Before posting lots of research has been done regarding time. Let’s see what type of research we need to do. However, it doesn’t make any sense of posting between 10 AM to 7 PM on weekdays, and not posting on weekends. Generally, it is suggested to post either early mornings or night time after 7 PM on weekdays, because that’s the time when the working people get some free time to relax. At the same time don’t miss to post on weekends, as you won’t have much competition on holidays.

If you are supposed to post on weekends, it should be ‘WEEKEND FRIENDLY” like you concentrate on some family, entertaining or weekend activities. As a result, this will surely show an impact on your Facebook page reach.

Go Facebook Live

Now the latest trend is going Facebook live. It’s nothing but a video broadcasting feature, where you can express yourself directly in a more appropriate and effective manner to reach your viewers. At the same time, you need to follow proper timing as said before. This is also the best idea to boost your page.

Here are 12 tips to make your first Facebook Live broadcast successful.

Proper usage of your Blog

Moreover, one can also improve the visibility for their Facebook page by a blog. Therefore, a blog is the best platform where we can simply enhance & attracts your viewers with your content.

Hoping this article helps you in getting an idea on “how to boost your Facebook page likes, organically – without paid ads.” For more information follow this link.

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