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We have designed this classroom training for job seekers, students and entrepreneurs, who wants to kick start their career into digital marketing.

I-digital is the first premium institute to start digital marketing classroom training in Vijayawada. We believe not just teaching is enough for our students, The first priority is to understand student’s capability to grasp the topics covered in the classroom training. We provide practical or real time projects which, helps them understand better.

We are a team of experienced digital marketing professionals with 8+ years of real time industry experience in online promotions through  Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization,  Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Web analytics, Google Ad sense, Web Designing, Content Marketing.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a process of promoting a website by increasing its visibility on the search engines and building up traffic, by both paid and unpaid efforts. For example, you can use Google AdWords, to create ads that show your company’s listing on the top in search result pages.

The ultimate objective of search engine marketing is very clear. If you want to make money, spend money. The other thing is, bringing customers to your website so that, they make some purchase and you make money over that.  Read More


Boosting organization’s business using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., is called social media optimization. There is a remarkable change in India, as users started using social media. The ability to use social media to regularly engage people, build an audience and express your brand personality is becoming an essential digital skill for any organization.

According to India’s job portals the demand for job seekers with social media marketing skills has gone up to 47% in the past year and is increased over 5% this year. More than 50% of the people opens social media first thing in the morning. Read More


SEO is a process that affects how the unpaid reach or organic results on the search engine appear. As an internet marketing strategy, understanding how a search engine works, using specific keywords on the website etc. can gain a top position in the organic search results list. SEO training helps students to bring their companies website to first page results.

Maximizing the visibility of a particular website by making sure the website appears high on the search engine results page which is also called SERPs, is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Read More


Google Analytics generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic, traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. It’s the most widely used website statistics service.

Spending money to promote your company online is one way. But tracking where the money is being spent is the other way. Here comes Google analytics a free web analytics service offered by Google which, tracks and reports your website traffic. Read More


The process of collecting, validating and sending commercial e-mails to current or potential customers is called Email Marketing. It can be aimed to connect with the customer, advertise offers, and establish loyalty with the customer or to spread brand awareness etc. Email marketing gives detailed statistics about the reach and the tools are mainly used for lead generation.

The oldest but ever trending digital marketing tool many businesses uses to reach their existing or new customers. Your promotions reach directly into your customer inboxes. Email marketing is a part of digital marketing which uses electronic mailers as a means of communication. Read More




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