Email Marketing

Email Marketing


The process of collecting, validating and sending commercial e-mails to current or potential customers is called Email Marketing. It can be aimed to connect with the customer, advertise offers, and establish loyalty with the customer or to spread brand awareness etc. Email marketing gives detailed statistics about the reach and the tools are mainly used for lead generation.

The oldest but ever trending digital marketing tool many businesses uses to reach their existing or new customers. Your promotions reach directly into your customer inboxes. Email marketing is a part of digital marketing which uses electronic mailers as a means of communication. Email marketing helps to send commercial emails to existing or new customers.

Emails are sent with a purpose of maintaining relations with the existing customer’s which helps build loyalty and give more business.

Getting email data from different sources and sending promotional emails to generate new business. An email database is a must wanted source of any email marketing campaign.


Learn how to generate email ids from different sources. Either you may directly import or copy and paste or you can import like external database management systems.


Learn how to create a stunning emailer set up your campaigns by creating your own templates or by using readily available themes. A creative emailer gains more visibility.


Learn how to mail the campaigns. What rules to follow while sending a mailer. Who is your target audience? Is your database valid? If not, how to make your database valid? How to not become black listed.


Tracking helps the advertiser to analyze how your campaign is running and how many audience have the mailer reached and what is the conversion rate of the mailer. Tracking helps the advertiser modify the campaign strategy if needed.