In my view, each and everyone in the World knows about google search. but we don’t know how it’s managing to collect and provide numerous appropriate results in coordination with our search. Now I will give small details about How Google Search Engine Works.

Mainly there are two wings in the Google Search engine, they are collecting the data and indexing the data. Both of these are done using the Google algorithm named as spiders or crawlers. Google uses this special algorithm for the generation of search results. It is an automated program, another search engine also uses a similar process. The logic in the algorithm is in a unique manner. Hence it makes google search engine in the top position.

One of the algorithms used by Google to rank the web page is PageRank. Using this PageRank algorithm it assigns the relevancy score to the web page on the basis of indexing the keywords. PageRank plays a very important role in the Google search engine results page(SERP).

Organizing information in google search engine

For organizing the data firstly it collects all the data from hundreds of billions of websites using the spiders or crawls. These crawls continue visits the website and gather the data on the website and make it indexed. All the indexed pages are placed in the severs. The work of the spiders or crawls is to collect the raw data and connect to the server continuously.

In the second stage , all the  indexed data is made in the usable way. Each and every time the user searches, the search engine applies the algorithm to provide the result in the appropriate related to the keywords.

Web crawling:

With the help of web crawling, the data in the web pages are copied and published in the World Wide Web. If there are any changes made in the web pages all the changes are updated with the help of web crawling.

Spiders do the process of web crawling. They are also called crawlers and robots.

Indexing :

Indexing is the process to organize the huge data and pages with the indexes. When the spiders are crawled in the web page it collects all the data and returns to the search engine in the data center. Data center are collections of the servers, that acts as a storehouse of all the copies of the web pages which are made by the crawls. The storehouse of web pages is referred with the index and it is the data store of all the organized data and provide the search results to the Google search engine queries.


Algorithms are with very lengthy equations and very complex used to calculate the value for any query with relation to the search term. After collection of huge data from the web pages which are being constantly updated and organized, we have to find the result in a fraction of seconds. Now we need the means by which they are ranked according to the relevance of the search term. In this way, the algorithms come into action.

Matching your Search engine Results

From the hundreds of billions of websites in the google search index, Google algorithms give the most relevant results in a fraction of seconds. It’s impossible to find the information from the Web without the help of an algorithm. The ranking system in Google is designed using the Page ranking helps in sorting the information from all the search indexed websites and give them to the user in a fraction of seconds.

This ranking system does not only depend on one thing. All the algorithms work on so many factors like relevance keywords, location, the usability of the pages, keyword related to query. The weight of factor depends on the nature of the query.

Displaying results in helpful way:

Displaying results in a helpful way is very important. The search engine must exactly understand what information the user is asking for and get back with the most relevant results. In general, people want quick results for their queries. Google made lots of progress in displaying the best results in a shorter time and in the most helpful format for the user.

Google displays the results in many useful formats which are relevant to the query like maps with directions, videos, images, news and stories. If you are searching for a store, it gives all the relevant information like contact, timing, distance and also gives the information of the similar stores.

Improving your search experience :

Google search engine is improving day by day from the starting. It makes lots of developments in improving search results. Google engineers spend more time in testing by conducting thousands of experiments. Google search is changed over the years to meet the expectations and needs of the users. All the changes in the google search are made with lots of testings, if the change is less useful it’s not recommended to apply.

The ideas of changing the are not done by any expert engineer opinion. they rely on testing and accurate evaluation process to analyze the metrics and then the changes are decided where to implement or not. 

Google has gone over 654680 experiments with trained external search raters and approved 3234 improvements in 2018. 

I think, now you got an answer for question mark on How Google Search Engine Works is cleared and got a clear view in the working of Google search engine.

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