How Many Facebook Posts One Can Keep In a Day

Facebook posts play a major role in today’s businesses. So, how many Facebook posts one can keep in a day? This is a general question which a social media marketer will come across. However, there is no such limit for no of facebook posts that one can post in a day. If you post many in a day, which is irrelevant and contains false information may lead to spamming by facebook.

At the same time, you cannot post the same post in more than 500 groups per day. When you try to share the same post in more than 500 or above from single facebook account you will be flagged as spamming or trolling.

In this article I tried to elaborate the no of posts per day in any social media platform can work effectively.

How regularly should I post on social media platforms?

There are many articles on how many posts one can post on social media platform per day. One article suggests that 1-2 articles a day on Facebook are good enough. Similarly, the next one says one can only post on Linkedin on weekends only that to 4 pm -6 pm.

But in reality, there is no such written formula that works. Because it may work for one company and may not work for other companies. So one can read the case studies and understand the core concept of how they managed it successfully, but following the solution that worked for other brands may not work for your brand.

So, instead of blindly following such written formulas one should mainly focus on proven strategies

  • Posting frequency is more important than posting consistency
  • Posting quality content is much more important than the content quantity.

Aim for Facebook posts consistency, not post frequency

For example, if you decided that you will post two facebook posts on a day. Then prepare a schedule for posting those two post in 24 hours. So that the audience can expect two posts every 24 hours. 

    “The best social media publishing frequency is: when it’s worthwhile-Jay Baer”

Content quality is more important than content quantity

Publishing in the facebook just to fill the scheduled slot is the worse thing for any brand. However, there is no point in publishing irrelevant content. If you post poor quality content then you may lose your audience over time and brand reputation. Therefore, Consistently publishing the high-quality content is the recommended one, at the same one should evaluate their strategy. If you don’t know why you are posting, then you won’t be able to measure the success of your posts.

First one should ask oneself what is my main objective, whether

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive traffic
  • Sell a product or service

So according to your objectives publish the facebook post. For example, your objective is to drive traffic to your website, but you end up getting a lot of likes and no clicks on your post, then no use of posting such a thing.


Mainly social marketers fail to distinguish, which is too many posts or which is infrequent posting. Another question raised after that is how many face posts in a day is too many and how many posts per day is too few. The answer is 1-2 posts per day is optimistic and good. According to Hubspot how many posts, you can post depends on a number of followers. For example, if you have 10000 subscribers or less than you can post 1-2  per day. If no of posts exceed more than once per day, then each post gets 60% lesser clicks.

Also according to Hubspot, if you place your posts on Saturday and Sunday you will get more than 32% engagement. If it is on Thursday and Friday you will get about 18% engagement.

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