How to Increase Twitter Followers in 7 Easy Steps

How can you get more Twitter Followers? This is a question many individuals ask themselves every day. There is no such magic to increase your twitter followers in a day. You have to work consistently every single day to produce interesting and trustworthy content. This ultimately leads to more likes and retweets. It isn’t as hard as it seems to get more followers. You must, however, adhere to some simple and easy methods which can improve your follower count. Here we stated some the best and possible methods to help you and your brand to increase twitter followers.


Add a unique image

Whenever necessary, your picture should be a picture of yourself; individuals like to understand with whom they speak. If you’re running a brand’s Twitter page where different individuals have links to the Twitter profile, tagging personal tweets is a nice method so individuals understand who they’re speaking to. You can go further and generate a picture header with names and faces of the people using the account. If this is not an alternative, you could link to a section on your website that lists everyone–then you could link to individual Twitter accounts so that individuals can get to understand the individuals behind the brand.

Create a unique header image

Adding a header picture is a wonderful way to make your Twitter profile stand out. The next step in a good Twitter profile is to discover (or even generate) your header picture. Although it may change from moment to time, the present dimensions of your Twitter header picture are 1500px by 500px. This can be an excellent chance to strengthen your brand or to encourage your recent item or service. If you have difficulty locating the correct picture with the correct size, you can use a medium like Canva to produce your header picture online for free. The first stage towards conveying legitimacy and trustworthiness is to create a powerful profile with an excellent image, header photo and bio. Now that you’ve worked on your profile, your profile will put a powerful mark on visitors who visit your profile, getting them much more inclined to follow you.

Write an engaging bio

This is more essential than most of us know at first. Your profile is a chance to show individuals what you’re doing and what you’re about–it’s a wonderful chance for individuals to follow you. You will attract the correct followers by conveying the correct message; like-minded individuals with mutual interests with whom you can communicate in a more meaningful manner.

Engage with your followers

The overall number for fans doesn’t matter if the audience doesn’t consume your content. It is highly essential for the brands to stop looking at obsolete parameters like fan development. So if your posts are zero engagement but you have a million Twitter followers, what are those followers really worth? There is no correlation between the number of followers and engagement, according to information from Incite, which means that more followers do not mean more engagement.

However, when followers interact with Twitter and share their content, their followers see this engagement and often are curious. Thus, engagement leads to enhanced scope and awareness, which in turn produces more followers. “Shares create client trust in your brand,” 

You should actively engage with your followers if you really want your Twitter audience to grow. Responding to your followers ‘ comments and statements enhance their commitment and make them more willing to engage with you in the future.

Stay active by creating daily

Tweeting for tweeting is never a good idea, and neither is tweeting so much that your supporters get tired of it. You do not have to settle for an optimal tweet as it does vary according to a number of factors. Here is a balance and the key to tweeting is sufficient. I can’t stress enough the significance of remaining active if your objective is to gain members. It’s not enough to post as you likely do on Facebook a few times a week or even once a day.

If you don’t tweet frequently, you might even lose followers. Your regular routine on Twitter should consist of such stuff as observing and following other people, reacting to DMs and mentions as well as answering remarks on your tweets.

The best way to generate your Twitter is to produce distinct daily, weekly, and monthly routines. On a daily basis, you should concentrate on the wider and longer-term elements of your marketing strategy. Your monthly schedule should include stuff that could lead to a large payoff down the street.

Time Your Tweets to Perfection

The time of day you post on Twitter is important in comparison to a non-chronological network such as Facebook. Because you won’t find those tweets if you don’t have your followers on the platform. And less visibility means less engagement, less traffic, fewer followers. So the logical answer to this issue is to publish it when most users are on the platform.

Recently, Sprout Social compiled data and found that Fridays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. is the highest average global engagement on Twitter. You can continue in one way or another from this stage: you can create, that your everyday Twitter practice matches the most effective moment of the day of your audience, or you can plan tweets to publish during that moment. For this, you only need a steady stream of Twitter material, and the finest tools to do that are easily accessible information and perhaps a tweet-planning tool.

Link your website and other social media profiles with your Twitter account

The reverse of traffic from your web site to your Twitter profile can be counterproductive. After all, don’t you want to have traffic on your website to buy it? However recent surveys have demonstrated that your profiles on social media are as effective as your own website for content marketing. In fact, sending traffic to your website gives you more conversion opportunities. Naturally, you don’t want to just put a bare connection into your site. Rather it’s a little more competent to connect to your Twitter page. The connection to an icon could be as easy as attaching.


You may think that Facebook is where you should concentrate on building an engaged audience. But Twitter has millions of users on the international platform. It doesn’t have to be difficult to get as many as 10,000 Twitter followers. First, your profile needs to be optimised. Add an excellent profile picture, because when you meet your brand on Twitter, it’s the first thing people will see. Finish your bio and don’t miss your image header too. Begin to engage your supporters by answering comments, comments, live messages and chatting. Pin your profile on a relevant tweet. Tweet about it and pin it to the top of your page if you have an ongoing promotion or a future event. Finally, make sure that you connect to your Twitter profile for maximum exposure to your blog and other personal pages.

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