Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a process of promoting a website by increasing its visibility on the search engines and building up traffic, by both paid and unpaid efforts. For example, you can use Google AdWords, to create ads that show your company’s listing on the top in search result pages.

The ultimate objective of search engine marketing is very clear. If you want to make money, spend money. The other thing is, bringing customers to your website so that, they make some purchase and you make money over that.

  • Search engine marketing is a mix of business, writing, technical knowledge, creativity, and other necessary skills.
  • The main objective of any marketing is to attract your target audience. In the case of search engine marketing, the target audience is internet users who are searching for information related to their needs.
  • Search engine marketing is useful to promote your website, introduce your product to market, generate enquiry, leads and direct sales.
  • Paid marketing directly satisfies online users at their point of need. When someone is looking for a product that your organization can deliver, it is important that website needs to be shown on the top listing.
  • Keywords play a major role in search engine marketing.
  • It’s not just the keywords but also how you have displayed your ad matters for a visitor to enter into your website.
  • A good search engine marketing is a team effort which involves strategist, writer, technical team and a marketer.


You will learn in search network how to earn a better return on investment (ROI) using Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads. Also, learn how to budget your campaigns and targeting methods for your cost effective advertising.


Learn display network marketing that allows ads to be created using text, image, video and interactive ads. These ads can be placed on the websites which are similar to what you are selling. Target people who are interested in your products.


Learn how your ads reach millions of views using YouTube ads. Also learn true view in-stream ads and in-stream ads.


Learn how to show your ads to people who have visited your website or app and leave without making any purchase. Remarketing helps you to reconnect with the same user by showing ads to who visits similar websites like yours.