Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Boosting organization’s business using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., is called social media optimization. There is a remarkable change in India, as users started using social media. The ability to use social media to regularly engage people, build an audience and express your brand personality is becoming an essential digital skill for any organization. According to India’s job portals the demand for job seekers with social media marketing skills has gone up to 47% in the past year and is increased over 5% this year.

More than half of the humans are below the age of 35. They have never known life without the internet. Guess how they feel about Social Media? More than 50% of the people opens social media first thing in the morning. Social media has emerged drastically in the recent years. For some entrepreneurs, social media marketing is the next big thing, they believe a majority of their targeted audience are using social media. This clearly says that there is a huge potential for social media marketing to increase sales.


Brand identity becomes easy with social media marketing. Your content can be shared on different social media networks for better visibility and more interaction. When you directly communicate with your customers, brand loyalty will increase. If loyalty levels are more, the next step will be conversions. Every post on a social media platform helps to drive new customers.


Top social media tools used in the market are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. The ultimate goal of any social media is to drive traffic to your website. Make conversion.


Learn how to setup a company page. Remember your company page is an extension of your business. It’s an easy way to share and update content.


Who should see your ad, what is their age, gender, location, interests and their behavior. These steps are needed to find your targeted audience. For example, i-digital is a digital marketing training institute. Our target audience are graduated students, sales and marketing professionals and young entrepreneurs. Their age group should be around 21-30 and gender can be any, location needs to be Vijayawada, interests are marketing.


Content is the king in social media marketing. The positive content has more reach.


Connect to more people who matter to your business. Social media advertising is to raise awareness, stay connected with your customers and complete the deal.


Measuring the performance of your ad is a vital part of online marketing. Understand how many have seen your ad, how many responded to your ad and finally how many have made conversion due to that particular ad.