Web Analytics

Google Analytics

Web Analytics

Web Analytics generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic, traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. It’s the most widely used website statistics service.

Spending money to promote your company online is one way. But tracking where the money is being spent is the other way. Here comes Google analytics a free web analytics service offered by Google which, tracks and reports your website traffic. Google analytics comes with two different plans, one is a free website analytics which is used by small companies and the other is Google analytics 360 which, is a premium service by Google and is used by larger enterprises. Analytics are mainly used for reporting. It helps the advertiser to track where his traffic is coming from and how long are they staying on his website, conversions, age, gender, location, interests, behavior.


Understanding your audience is key for any business. Today due to Google analytics it has become much easier to understand who’s interacting with your company and why. Their age, gender, location and many more details that help analyze your audience. By getting right data it helps the advertiser to modify the approach and continually upgrade services to reach customer needs.


Acquisition in Google analytics is one of the most important fields to understand, from where you are getting traffic to your website. Is it through search engines or is it through social media or is it through blogs or any other sources. The acquisition helps you to understand which marketing channel is working better for your business growth.


In this behavior, we understand how users behave once they enter your website. Which page is being most viewed the bounce rate of each page and on which page is the visitor staying for a long time. It helps the advertiser to make necessary changes to the remaining pages which can help other pages also gets more traffic.


In Conversions we understand what a visitor does after entering your website. As an advertiser, if your goal is to complete a purchase on your site, filling a form or spending quality time on your website. This will help you measure which traffic source results in conversion.