Why Digital Marketing Career in India stood out as the best career choice in today’s world?

Digital Marketing career in India is a career path that regularly challenges you and allows your creativity to run wild. For someone looking to enter this field, the ever-changing scope of digital marketing is making it a worthwhile career option.

Well, we live in the Internet world. For instance, people use the internet for everything including paying bills and shopping for a gift. Similarly, buying groceries, planning for a vacation etc., This ever-growing popularity of the Internet has created huge opportunities for companies to expand their business.

And this is the time period where students look for multiple ways to make money online. Today, Digital Marketing is one of the flourishing industries of the world. It is a set of marketing strategies that help businesses to promote their products and services through online platforms.

Digital marketing is ever-changing in the industry

In this evolving technology, everything was done on the fingertips. The rate of evolving technology is unbelievable. From new social media platforms to new mobile technologies, we can see rapid growth in technology. In digital marketing career, every day brings a new challenge and creative opportunity. This technology is making most of the companies move towards digital solutions.

In addition, the Digital Marketing career in India is very wide-ranging. Therefore, the skills needed for employers differ from one another. Consequently, this industry needs frequent adapt to new strategies and best practices. As a result, Digital marketing has many modules and some of the key components include.

•Search Engine Optimization

•Search Engine Marketing

•Social Media Marketing

•Email Marketing




•Web analytics

•Mobile Marketing

•Content Marketing

•Digital Advertising

As discussed above, Digital Marketing covers a wide range of areas of knowledge. As a result, digital marketer should be familiar with tools. Understanding the strategy of tools, how to use the tools to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right channel is what actually matters for Digital Marketer.

Demand for Digital Marketing Career in India is high!

Today, Large and Small organizations are increasingly moving away from traditional marketing methods. Similarly, they are towards the Digital Technology. As a result, most of the companies are hiring more digital marketers. So the demand for digital Marketing Career in India is High.

Compared to 2011 the jobs for digital marketing skills are almost doubled in 2016. So, it is going to be completely online around the world by 2020. As a result, the digital marketing field holds many niche jobs within it. Let’s have a look at different designations and responsibilities of a Digital Marketer.

Designations and Responsibilities in Digital Marketing Career in India

According to the research, the world is going to be digital by 2020. All the companies across the globe will have an online presence. Thus, this creates a lot of career opportunities.

Digital Marketing Manager

The role of the Digital Marketing Manager is to look after the overall digital marketing strategies. Consequently, digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic. Similarly, improving the website and updating it regularly. This position needs a minimum of 5-7 years of experience.

Web developer & Designer

These people are responsible for the stunning websites that you come across on the internet. The Digital Marketing Career in India has a huge welcome for the web designer/developer. Similarly, the role of the Web developer is specific whereas the designer does a lot of things.

As a web developer and designer, you need to undertake the responsibility of designing, coding and making websites user-friendly. Similarly, the knowledge on JavaScript, HTML, CSS and web programming is mandatory.

Content Marketer

Writing Content better than that already exists on the web is the role of a Content Marketer. Certainly, He/she is accountable for all digital marketing leads to drive traffic and engagement. Also making sure the qualities of content going viral and following content trends etc., To step into this position one should have good command over the English language along with creativity.

SEO Executive

A well-designed website will have no life unless you promote it. Certainly, SEO executive is the one who gives life to the website. He/ She is responsible for getting more traffic to the site. Similarly, improving its Google rankings. SEO Executive also need to make sure that the content on the website is search friendly, keyword research, SEO tools and building & submitting sitemaps.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is the one who should be aware of the latest social media trend for planning, strategy and setting goal accordingly. However, Creativity is the king in this field. Consequently, he/ She must have a piece of complete knowledge of all the social media platforms. As a result, they can drive the audience to your website.

PPC/SEM Expert

There is a great demand for PPC professional in Digital Marketing Career in India! As they generate a lot of leads to the company. The role of a PPC/SEM expert is to manage PPC keywords. Similarly, split ad groups, refine landing pages, generate reports, suggestions for ad copies etc.,

Business Analytics Specialist

A Business Analytics specialist is responsible for providing analytical and technical support to the business by developing creative programs. He/ she should be responsible for supporting various development leads. Likewise the development of test scripts, performing research and developing practical solutions.

Mobile Marketing Specialist

The role of mobile marketing managers is to promote products or services to consumers on their digital devices. The position requires an understanding of mobile technology. And also updating with the latest trends affecting technology.

Professional Blogger

Bloggers are here to write, edit, post and promote content on the websites. In other words, a blogger is responsible to generate engaging and original content for the website. Also staying current on industry needs to attract the readers and create more engaging content.


These are some of the roles in Digital Marketing career. But it is not limited to the above positions. With the huge increase of online users, brands have no other choice left except moving into digital marketing strategies. These can target online customers to drive more traffic.

In order to cultivate these online marketing strategies starting from small to big! Businesses are in huge need of skilled digital marketers who can help them to achieve targeted sales. So the demand for Digital Marketing Career in India has been evolving day by day.

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