Why do Startup Digital Marketers fail In India?

Why do Digital marketers fail? Even though the changing technology created a lot of scope for digital marketing but the digital marketers failed in grabbing the opportunities. Especially the startup marketers failed due to lack of proper digital marketing strategies. Also, they are not following the SEO guidelines while running digital marketing campaigns. The market is getting dirty with the rising competition and it’s becoming difficult to cater to the needs of the clients.

Every digital marketer needs to ask these few questions to them-selves before taking up the projects:

  • Should I work with this client?
  • Whether I benefit from this?
  • Generated revenue helps me to survive or scale-up?

If your answer is ‘survive’ then you are not going to run on this platform for so long. Here are the challenges where a digital marketer usually fails:

  “A startup digital marketer without a digital marketing strategy is like driving a car without a steering wheel”.

Strategy first next creativity

Social Media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin provides a lot of marketing opportunities for startups to grow their brand awareness. where Digital marketers are creating creative posts but failing to reach the right set of audience. This is happening only because they are failing in getting the right strategies.

Creating an interactive post is necessary but isn’t enough for growing brand awareness. So for reaching the right set of audience, you need to get the right strategies. So for being a successful digital marketer, one should work on strategies first.

Failure in Usage of tools and technology

Do digital marketers cope up with new technologies? Some are not able to cope up with the latest technologies. Because they are habituated to those old technologies and old tools, and they feel difficult to move on to use new technology and new tools.

This kind of nature goes only with traditional marketing when it comes to digital marketing it won’t go. In digital marketing, you can see many new technologies, new tools as per the changing trend.

Once digital marketer starts upgrading himself by exploring new technologies, new tools he/she can enhance themselves and walks in the right path of success.

Getting Fail in Search Engine Optimization

Mostly, focusing on paid adds, face-book adds but not concentrating on Search engine optimization. Digital marketers mostly fail in using the correct algorithms and correct keywords. In detail let’s see the reasons for SEO failure:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO practices change each and every day because Google is constantly updating its algorithms. As a result, you must update to new changes immediately. If you are unaware of the updated algorithm, then you are in a big mess and using outdated tactics that no longer work.

The selected keyword is too narrow

Before selecting the keyword, check the search volume and competitiveness. Google keyword planner is the best tool for selecting keywords and can look at the keywords you are targeting.

If your selected keyword is too narrow in their subject area reach- for example a campaign focusing solely on “Women’s blue dress for sale”- “it’s no wonder that you aren’t seeing the volume of traffic you initially expected. So always go for broader keywords to reach more audience.

Failing in off-page SEO

Now-a-days, most of the people going for short cuts. Following give and take policy or paid methods for creating external links. But every digital marketer should focus on content management service (CMS). One can get external link only when you have relevant and good content then the others show interest in providing your link in their page. Once you have done proper CMS then it’s easy for getting external links without giving and take methods. So we can say off-page SEO somewhere depends on on-page SEO.

Client Winning and Retention

After finishing digital marketing course a startup digital marketer comes up with one or two clients. As winning the clients in a huge competition is the biggest challenge for startups. Many startups fail in doing so, because of the lack of strategies. Many clients don’t have an idea about digital marketing so they are preferring traditional marketing by investing thousands of rupees over digital marketing. It’s the digital marketer’s responsibility to show the potentiality of digital marketing and how the client is going to be benefitted.

Another problem they are facing is ‘Client retention’. When the marketer asks for a monthly hike, client threaten them by saying that they will move out and find another alternative marketer.

Yet the marketer doesn’t say goodbye to the clients with a fear of losing income, which is not a good sign for the growth of digital marketer.


Therefore as discussed above, those are the main problems by which a digital marketer gets failed. If you are able to overcome those hurdles and start being a great strategist. Then no one stops you from getting into the right direction into the right path towards your successful career in digital marketing. Hope this article helps you to work out on your success mantra.

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